Going Barefoot Better For Your Feet?

Yea! I love, love, love going barefoot every chance I get! I admit it. And I tend to let my kids run around barefoot as well. I love the feel of the sidewalk under my feet, and of course, grass! But I get remarks from my husband and others about how "dirty" and unsafe being barefoot is. Ack! As long as all 'bared' feet are washed at the end of the day, and the area that the 'bared' feet will be traipsing along is relatively safe, then why not enjoy that free foot feeling, I say.

Now a report has come out that says that earlier human populations who did not wear shoes actually had healthier feet with fewer problems than the shoe wearing humans of today! Yippee....a rebuttal for those doubters of the wonders of going barefoot!

The study challenges the widely held belief that habitually wearing shoes is good for your feet and suggests that going "barefoot" results in fewer bony pathologies.

The two professors who conducted the study both agreed that if you want to have fewer feet problems, than going barefoot is the answer. Of course, there is the "right place, right time" factor in going barefoot, lol. Even I will wear shoes when going out (my kiddos as well, hehe). And I would NEVER EVER think of stepping in a public restroom sans shoes. But it is nice to know that the next time my tootsies are enjoying their freedom, I am actually doing my cute (OK...maybe not so cute, but since you can't see them I can fib!)toes some healthy good!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.