Earthquake Preparedness Kits -- A Reminder

Whoa--we just had an earthquake! If you are in Los Angeles/San Diego areas, did you feel it? It registered 5.4, and there have been about 20ish or so aftershocks so far. Eeks.

If you are just now thinking about putting an emergency kit together, or already have one but are not sure if you have the right things in your kit, this article I just read about earthquake preparedness kits may help.

My daughter and my 4-year-old were visiting a friend up the street when the quake hit, and did not seem upset or scared at all when they came home. Thank goodness, really. Nervous mommy here can't quite say the same thing. My 1 1/2-year-old was here with me watching Teletubbies, and he didn't react at all.

Thank goodness there are no reports of injuries anywhere according to the News, which I've been watching since the quake --just broken stuff that has fallen off store shelves and such.

Phew. I hope all is okay with everyone that experienced the big shake today!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.