Vacation Time!

Well really more of staycation time for us this year. We are planning some fun day excursions and such, but no big travel plans.

But if we were going on a real vacation, I'd love to go back to San Fransisco! We had the best vacation there a few years ago. Part of what made that trip so special was that a lot of extended family also went. We all stayed at the Fairmont Hotel and it was wonderful. The ambiance of that hotel is so classic and elegant. As soon as we stepped into the lobby I was in heaven! Really, I could have enjoyed myself spending our entire vacation inside that place!

But when you are in a fabulous city you just have to get out and enjoy all the wonderful things to do in San Fransisco. So we did. We had so much fun sight seeing together, walking around the city, and visiting the wharfs and pier 39. We took the kids to the science museum and to the Aquarium of the Bay. It was a great vacation and I fell in love with San Fransisco. I had never been there before, and sadly have not been back yet. But I would love to go there again, and hopefully we will soon.
Before you go on a vacation this summer, I'd suggest checking out some online travel guides, especially if you are going to a city such as Boston so you can find out what fun things to do in Boston such as visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.