Dieting With or Without Pills?

How do you prefer to diet when you want to lose some weight? I know some people choose to take diet pills to help suppress their appetite and/or increase metabolism. And then there are those people who try programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I wouldn't mind trying a program like Jenny Craig out for a while, but I simply can't afford to.

I find myself in the dieting group that really prefers to just watch what I am eating and try to eat better. I know if I eat a lot of bread, pasta and potatoes (all foods I love unfortunately), that I will put on weight for sure. So I have to be careful and either cut some stuff out for a while, or at the very least cut back.

I feel much more comfortable trying to watch my weight or drop some extra pounds by being careful with my eating habits then by taking diet pills. I am too scared of side effects to take much in the way of medicine as it is. Besides, if I can only lose weight by taking a pill to keep my appetite under control, what chance will I have of keeping my weight under control without the diet pills, kwim?

I know weight loss may be slower and not as dramatic by just changing my eating habits, but I feel safer doing it that way, plus I figure I am teaching myself healthy eating habits that I will always use. Now, if I could just get myself to exercise more...ah well, I am working on that everyday as well.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.