Back To School Lunch Treats

Oh no, the time is here. I am one of those moms who gets sad when it's time to send kids back to school. Sigh. My daughter returns to school Thursday, yikes!, and we are so not ready.

Today I'll be doing all her laundry, sorting through clothes with her and seeing what can be still worn and what will be be sent to Good Will. Then we still have some clothes shopping to do, get her backpack in order, shoes, organize her room, desk, and so on.

I also thought that we'd make some snacks for the lunches she'll be taking to school. Today (or maybe tomorrow depending on how things go) we're going to make these yummy Coco Krispies Marshmallow treats. I am using the recipe from the Kellogg's website, and I'm just hoping they do not come out too sweet and sugary. My kids love the original recipe, and so I thought my daughter would enjoy this variation as a treat for her first day back at school. But as soon as she comes home, you know the toothbrush will be waiting for her!