Aug 29, 2008

Spirit Squad

My daughter just made the spirit squad at her school. It is so fun to see her so excited and happy! Today will be their official introduction to the school at their morning assembly. They have practiced their cheer...and hey are all wearing their same outfits. The funny thing is that when I checked on my daughter last night before heading off to bed, I found her asleep in her outfit!! I thought about waking her up and having her change into her pajamas, but then decided against it. She was so excited that I was worried she might not get back to sleep if I woke her.

I am feeling a bit nervous now this morning. I am really hoping the assembly goes well!
Stay tuned...I'm sure we'll have more about spirit squad in the days and posts to come.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting for her! I hope you'll let us know how it went! What did she say when she woke up in her outfit this morning?