Sep 3, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

I am on the computer much of my day, and I have started to worry about developing carpal tunnel syndrome. I have an Aunt who has such a debilitating case of carpal tunnel syndrome that she had to leave her job and go on disability. Ugh. I really do get worried about this as being on the computer so much and doing the repetitive keyboard typing is a big cause of carpal tunnel.

I am trying to take more computer breaks and am watching for symptoms as well.I know the tingling and numbness that starts with carpal tunnel relief can develop into a very painful condition involving the wrist area. Yuck--who needs that? But Imak has a great product I'm checking out--the Smart Glove. I think it actually looks kind of cool, lol, and it is supposed to be very good at giving carpal tunnel relief if you already have it. I can imagine my kids thinking I have some super cool glove on when I'm working on the computer and wearing the Smart Glove! And IMak offers a guarantee that makes me feel more comfortable in trying their Smart Glove. If it doesn't help with carpal tunnel relief, or is uncomfortable, I can return it. No problem. So I really think I should give it a try before I do get carpal tunnel--because if you ask my Aunt, it is really painful!

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