Sep 25, 2008

Dinosaurs R Us This Halloween

So my wonderful imaginative 4 year old has made a very important decision. He will be a dinosaur for Halloween. Decision done. Costume search will now commence. I love Halloween. And I love 4 year olds. I especially love my little 4 year old.
He is nuts about dinosaurs right now which is cool because last year at this time he wanted to be a worm for Halloween. Dinosaurs are way better than worms, in my opinion anyway,

So my son says he wants to be a red and green T-Rex dinosaur which is currently his favorite among all dinosaurs. I must admit I prefer green and red as opposed to purple (Barney ring a bell?) for dinosaur colors, but I am thinking he will look like a Christmas dinosaur.

My son also wants his little brother to be a mermaid or a Barbie. Which just seems to be fine with my 23 month old. He smiled his drooly huge smile when his older brother informed him of this decision tonight. I won't tell you what my hubby had to say about this however. I'll just leave it to your imagination.

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