Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

My Boys Are Fighting Over Me!

I love my two little guys but they are going through some "mini-men" hang-up right now that while seemingly cute and flattering, is in reality driving me NUTS. Seriously, they have each decided (coincidentally at the same moment in time) that I belong exclusively to them. Meaning I belong to one but not the other. It was cute the first day, and still kind of cute on day two. But we are now into day 3 of "MY Mommy" and it's getting a tad irritating. Not that any of my kids could ever really be called irritating...don't get me wrong (smirking as I type). But it's like every time my little guys see me walk by, they both instantly stop playing and run and throw their arms around my legs like forlorn puppydogs pleading with me to pick them up. My 23 month old is heavy...and catching up quickly to his 4 year old brother and by no means is he afraid of his big brother anymore. So we now have pushing, shoving and pinching being added to the desperate pleas (loud shrieky pleas,) from each of them begging me to pick up him and only him. And if I am looking for my car keys or a hairbrush or whatever...and they get wind of my search, all h** breaks loose as each of the mini men race around trying to find the item first and give it to me. And if one of them succeeds and gets it to me first, the other cries broken heartedly.
I know I shouldn't complain. I need the extra help loading the dishwasher at night from two fighting little boys that are pushing and shoving each other. I really do. And I need two little squirmy munchkins climbing up on me every time I sit down..yelling at each other to get off of his mommy. I really do. Going alone into the bathroom would just be silly of me when I can now be accompanied by two shrieking little boys afraid of losing sight of their mommy, wouldn't it?
I'm a lucky mommy. That's what I tell myself. And I really know that I am. What's more, I already know that so soon the day will come when these two little loves of my life will want nothing from me but some food. And maybe some money. And clean clothes. And a ride somewhere. Sigh. Too soon I will be loading the dishwasher by myself and wishing for the days of the two little men in my life fighting over who gets to help me.
Think I will go walk downstairs now. I need some serious leg clinging.