Sep 17, 2008

Cherishing The Fun Of Halloween and Halloween Costumes

I cannot believe how fast September is flying by. I say this every year about this time, but I never get used to it. Once school starts again it's like a blink of an eye before the holiday season sets in. Halloween is in the air (as well as the shelves at our local CVS store!), and I'm loving the beautiful Fall colors I am beginning to see. As I mentioned before, the main topic in our house these days is Halloween Costumes, and who wants to be what. We really have no strong contenders yet in the costume department however, and I am curious to see what my daughter will finally zero in on. Of course much depends on what Halloween costumes her friends will be wearing. The choices of costumes is such a bittersweet reminder of how quickly my little girl is growing up...long gone are the days of fairy princesses and animal characters. And soon enough will come the Halloween where my sweet daughter will decide that dressing up in a costume is too childish for her. So I plan to enjoy every minute of this Halloween, and cherish the fact that all three of my kids will be giggly and happy in their costumes of choice as they prepare to ravage the neighborhood for candy!

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