Number 18 is a Girl For The Duggar Family!

I didn't realize until today that the Duggar family is having another baby! I guess this newest little baby, due about New Year" Day, will fill the void that that is left by the oldest Duggar son who just got married this past weekend.

When the newest little Duggar arrives, the count will be 10 boys and 8 girls. And mom says they would love to have more babies still.

The family also has a new reality series that starts tonight...17 and Counting on TLC.

I could never ever imagine in my wildest dreams being pregnant 18 times! I just don't get how these kids can each feel loved and special. Hopefully they do, and according to the parents they are a very happy close family. But I wonder how hard it will be for Michelle Duggar when the time comes that she can no longer get pregnant. Her whole life centers around pregnancies and babies. I have a feeling this woman will be severely depressed when there are no more babies on the way.

picture courtesy of TLC

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.