Sep 29, 2008

A Perfect Day

A perfect day for me I think would be a day spent with my kids and my hubby. I can picture us having a wonderful breakfast together with coffee, juice, fruit, pancakes and eggs. And I know the restaurant we'd be at (because a perfect day for me of course means no cooking,lol). There is a great cafe in Malibu that sits right on the sand. The couple of times we've been there we had a great time. The kids can actually play in the sand right by the table as hubby and I sip our juice and watch all the people on their various beach bikes go by. The ocean is still quite a bit away, but you can see and hear the waves from the restaurant. The seagulls call out as they fly about looking for left over morsels of food, and the whole setting is simply and gloriously relaxing. If I could, I'd start my day everyday this way. Of course then it probably would not feel as special any more, and I would probably never get anything accomplished except getting a sunburn!

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