Sep 29, 2008

It's Fall Break From School Already??

It seems like my daughter just went back to school and already she is on a Fall break. That means no school for this week. I do not remember having so many days off school when I went to school (I know...that was an eternity ago..but I'm just saying). Needless to say my daughter is happy. Saturday we all went to see Igor. My 23 month old was definitely not impressed and actually was scared and crying so I left with him rather quickly while my hubby stayed with the other two kids. Btw, the reviews were daughter "loved" Igor, my 4 year old thought it was "OK" but not great, and my hubby...a thumbs down. Then Sunday my daughter went to a sleep over. Now she is home and the strains of "Mom, I'm bored!" are starting up. Sheesh. And my 4 year old is stuck on going to of all places...Coney Island! Where on earth he got that I don't know. But this is all he has talked about all day.
I think it's going to be a long week.

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