Sep 29, 2008

Talk More and Type Less

Because I work at home and on my computer, I am typing on the keyboard for what seems like countless hours. And believe me when I say I am not good at typing in the least. What's more, I make so many spelling mistakes I probably end up spending twice as long as I should when I am typing. So when I came across a NY Times Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking I got pretty excited. This is software that you install on your computer that lets you use your voice to do what your hands would normally do. How cool is that? I am imagining the time I'd save with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard. Not to mention the hair on my head that would be saved from being pulled out everytime I make yet another typo, LOL. Of course the Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred version would be awesome as it offers even more, but it is geared more towards offices and businesses than personal use, so I would be more than happy with the standard version.

Check out this video about Dragon NaturallySpeaking and see what you think.

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