Budget Friendly DIY Halloween Candy Holders

yummy mummy treat cups

I came across these adorable Halloween Candy Holders and just had to share about them! It is an easy budget-friendly Halloween craft to do with the kids, and they make the perfect candy or popcorn holder at Halloween kids parties. Plus, this craft makes use of old white t-shirts you may have laying around.

If you don't happen to have any t-shits, there are other items you can use like white sheets, white construction paper, white tissue paper (this might not hold up as well, but heck how long will the cups be getting used for really), and really just about any white material you can come up with.

All you do is cut the white t-shirt into strips, glue them onto the cups (small paper or plastic cups will work)using a glue stick. Start at the bottom of the cup, wrap a glue lined strip all around the cup, and then just keep repeating until cup is fully covered.

Cut a bow out of felt--whichever Halloween color inspires you-- and for the boy cups glue the bow on the bottom of the cup, and for the girl cups glue the bow on the top of the cup.

Add some wiggly eyes using white craft glue, and you are done!

Edited to Add: Picture and idea originally from Amanda Formaro for Kaboose/Spoonful Kaboose.com. Get the full directions at Fun Family Crafts.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.