Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

Reading The Fine Print

Some days I feel my age so much more than others, sigh. And when I catch myself holding a newspaper or book farther away from my eyes in order to read it, I feel oh so old. My poor eyes are not going to improve their vision on their own, this I know, but yet I keep putting off getting glasses.
Someone please tell me why I am so reluctant to do so. I mean, glasses in and of themselves do not make you old, right? My hubby wears glasses and so do most of my siblings. So why am I being such a silly wimpy crybaby about my worsening eyesight? And I am sure that once I got glassses I will wonder why I didn't do it sooner. Besides, all the squinting I try to pretend I'm not doing is sure to be doing wonders for my wrinkles!
Well, I am taking some baby steps today, I am happy to say. I have been checking out eyeglasses online from the safety of my laptop (I am working my way up to getting an actual eye exam, really I am)and am trying to decide which styles would make me look fabulous and all that. Yes..I want to look F A B U L O U S in my new eyeglasses, thank-you.
So to that end, I have focused my online searching to sites that I have heard others recommend, such as the host from a radio talk show I sometimes listen to who recommends Zenni Optical. I admit I am impressed with their many styles, which I am sure will make me look fab as we previously discussed, and the low pricing is a sweet perk as well.
So, tell me now...are these frames perfect for someone who is reluctantly accepting that she will need glasses but has heels firmly planted in the notion that said glasses will make her look F A B U L O U S ? Be honest now as you tell me how fab and ALL That I will look in these frames!