Oct 4, 2008

Tales From The Potty Chair....Part One

So I have decided that I should start trying to introduce my just about two-year old (*sniff sniff*) to the joys of potty training. I just decided this today and as of yet I have not informed my sweet baby boy about my decision. I am counting on this chapter of potty training being a least a little easier than with my other kids because my 4 year old is fast becoming a hero in his little brother's eyes. And don't little boys want to follow in their hero's footsteps? Even the footsteps that lead to the bathroom?

We are without the most necessary item right now however--a potty chair. The one we used with my 4 year old, I am sad to say, did not survive potty training. So my first task is to buy a new "throne" for my little cutie-pie. I am loving this potty training chair from Levels of Discovery, aptly named His Majesty's Throne ( they have one for the princesses too of course). Is that cute or what? I pretty sure my 4 year old will fight for the right to sit on that throne as well. Can't say I would blame him. I have stayed away from those potty training seat thingys that attach to toilets, as money-saving as they might be. This is because of scary tales I have heard about those things and the sleepy parents who stumble to their toilets in the middle of the night only to be painfully brought into full consciousness as they make contact with the potty training seat that was left forlorn and forgotten about and still attached to the toilet seat. Not such a pretty picture if you have seen some of those potty seat attachments. Though they are meant to look and be kid-friendly, Winnie The Pooh loses some of his appeal when a groggy grown-up hazardously sits down on the cold hard plastic that has sharp curves and pointy cup shaped areas. Hearing these horror stories has etched in my mind the mantra that what fits for a toddler's cute behind so does not fit for a grown-ups!

The second necessary item I will be stocking up on for our potty training adventure will be M&M's. Lots of them. Because mom needs a reward too after all.

So stay tuned for more Tales From The Potty Chair... they will be coming as our adventure begins.


Unknown said...

I don't know if this is helpful or not, but my sister would put one or two golfish crackers in the toilet to help her sun practice aim. They were easily dissolved and flushed no problem, and he loved trying to sink the fish.

Irene said...

Oooh...what a cute idea...I love it and am definitely going to try this--thanks!

Toni said...

Hunter will be 2 in December. We have started using the potty some. I try to be diligent about doing it in the morning if he wakes up dry.

Good luck will be interested in seeing how it goes!!! Any advice?

Irene said...

Hi Toni,

My little one turns two at the end of this month. Wow--we should keep in touch and share how the potty training goes. I found with my 4 year old that it worked best not to insist or bug him to use it, but just kind of "suggested" the potty chair during the day. I figure sooner or later this is something they will accomplish...might as well try to keep it stress free as possible!

Mrs Koz said...

Wow that potty throne is so cute!! I feel so left out - we can't use goldfish or cheerios as my galfriend did to train our own girl when she gets old enough... hard for us females to aim! ;)

Irene said...


I am laughing right now so hard!! Yea, we do have a hard time with the aiming thing, LOL!
So potty training is an up and coming event for you and your little girl? I found it much easier to potty train with my daughter than my little boy--the 4 year old. Not sure how it will go with my two year old yet.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the giggles, heheh.