Nov 19, 2008

Breastfeeding Is a Beautiful Thing

I think the most wonderful part of having babies is the indescribable bond I felt when I breastfed each one of my babies. I miss those special moments, even the moments that came at 3 AM. But what I don't miss so much about breastfeeding is the contortionist moves I'd sometimes I have to make as I would try to discreetly nurse my baby, or the not so attractive choices I had for lingerie that also was suitable for nursing. Thank goodness there are more and more solutions as far as clothing and apparel for nursing moms these days. Condessa is an innovator in the lingerie industry. You can easily see their commitment to nursing mothers in their line of luxurious and beautiful lingerie for nursing moms that is also nursing accessible. The beautiful nursing bras by Condessa are exactly the kind I wish I had back in the days when I was breastfeeding.


Mom Times Three said...

I wish I knew about these when I was nursing my three!

Mom Times Three

Anonymous said...

hi irene! remember you tagged me a few weeks ago? it's finally up, hehe. sorry i have forgotten about it ;)

take care.