Counting Down To Christmas. I know it's not 100 days till Christmas fact there are now only 47 days left, for anyone starting to feel the panic creeping in, LOL. But I have joined the 100 Days Till Christmas group in hopes that it will kick my yuletide rear into gear and help me get organized and focused!

I always start out the Holiday season with big plans and inspirations, but then daily life kicks in and I lose focus. I am the stressed crazy looking mom out on Christmas Eve Day searching for last minute gifts!

But not this year. I am going to follow along with the Countdown to Christmas and stay on task. Because this year I am planning to make our Holidays more about family activities, crafts and home made presents and goodies for people on our list, this will be just what I need to stay on top of things!

So today I am going to do the task of sitting down my family and making a list together of all the stuff that needs to be done. Everything we can brainstorm together is going to go on this master list.

If you want to follow along the countdown, check out the 100 Days To Christmas and join in the fun!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.