Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

Dear Santa, Can You Please Bring me a Wagon?

My 4 year old is most definitely going to be asking Santa for a wagon this year. And not just any wagon, either. No, this will have to be a super-cool awesome kind of a wagon. We have neighbors with two little boys that my boys sometimes play with, and they have a very cool wagon. The boys use it to pull each other in, pull toys in, and just about anything else they can think of. This wagon so cool that it has in fact become a big topic of discussion in our home, LOL. My 4 year old wants one and reminds us of this fact almost every day. So I am pretty confident that a wagon is going to top my little boy's list for Santa this year!
Today I found the perfect wagon online at Kmart. And guess what? I can put this snazzy wagon on Kmart Lay-Away. They are the only national discount department store that offers layaway. That is a perfect solution for me all the way around. I can make payments every two weeks at my local Kmart--just a couple of miles away from me--and pick it up just before Christmas. That will make the tight Holiday budget breathe easier (and my hubby as well!), and will keep sneaky little boys from finding their present. My goal is to not use any credit for buying presents this year- and still make it a wonderful holiday season for my kids. So far, I think I'm off to a good start!
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