Tales From The Potty Chair, Part Three

If you have been reading my blog, you may recall that I have been thinking/debating/half-heartedly attempting to potty train my two year old son. So here is my latest update-- and it's a short one. Sigh. The potty training is somewhat on hold. Well, really, it's kind of on stand by mode. My little guy seems to do so much better when Mom stays quiet on the subject of using the potty chair so I have decided to stop suggesting it for the time being. It would seem that my little sweetheart is actually a mini-rebel in the making!
The days of his being easy going and cuddly seem to disappearing...quickly. Again, sigh. Now that he has started upon his third year of life, my little boy has decided that he, and only he, will make decisions for himself. He is reminding me of my pre-teen daughter, who is also rebelling my every "suggestion" these days.

Now I know two year olds are stubborn and are seriously intent upon being independent (while trying to cover up the fact that they want to see mommy nearby at all times...quiet and not interfering in any way, but still nearby), and want to do everything they want to do the way they want to do it and when they want to do it, but knowing this in my mind does not make my heart hurt less. Yes, I understand that he is acting exactly the way he is supposed to be acting, but there are days when I want my cuddly sweet baby back. But then I would miss this hysterically funny little person trying to explain things to me with hand gestures, expressions that make you want to laugh out loud at but can't because you know you are not supposed to be amused, and words that only a mommy (and sometimes a daddy) can decipher. ah...there really is nothing quite like the Two Year Old stage. Gotta love it!

So I will let my little guy feel like he is the one deciding if and when he will use the potty chair (aw men..always needing to feel in charge, aren't they? But I digress) I can already tell he will be using it quickly and confidently, as long as he thinks it is all his idea. So the plan is to leave the potty chair out in the open, and my mouth closed when it comes to it being used or not!

Stay tuned for part 4 of Tales From The Potty Chair!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.