Nov 10, 2008

Using My 1-800 Flowers Promotion Code This Thanksgiving

Flowers, Beautiful Centerpieces and Thanksgiving go together, kind of like Turkey and gravy. I always love to send flowers to family I will not be seeing at Thanksgiving, as a way to let them know we are thinking of them and wishing them a wonderful holiday. But I am wondering how the economy this year will affect the tradition of sending flowers during the Holidays. I know we are watching our pennies very closely this year, as so many other families will be, and I will be putting sales, coupons,and promotion codes all to good use for all my Holiday shopping.
The best way to shop I believe is online. At the very least, you should start by searching stores and products online before heading out to the malls, because great coupons and promotions are often found online. For example, there is a 1 800 Flowers promotion code online right now that will save me 15% on my Thanksgiving orders, and if I hadn't checked online first, I may never have known about it. My best tip for shopping this year is to make a list as soon as possible of the people you plan on buying a gift for this Holiday season, and write down the gift ideas you have in mind for each person. Then check online everyday for coupons, promotion codes and sales for those gift ideas, and check the stores you are thinking of shopping will often find deals online that you would not know about otherwise!

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jen aka mommay said...

I never buy anything online unless I check for coupons first! is a good one!