Tips On How To Have an Evergreen Christmas

Need some ideas for keeping Christmas green this year? I have come across some ideas that are perfect for those looking to make holidays fun, simple and evergreen

How about giving someone on your list a couple of those fabric reusable bags for shopping? Many people would probably use these bags if they were given to them. Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that can have the biggest impacts.

Another idea is to cut back on buying "things" for presents that may end up in landfills quicker than we realize. How about buying gift certificates for a nice dinner at a restaurant? Tickets for the movies, or a show somewhere? Maybe zoo tickets, museum tickets, concerts, or other family attractions could be a fun family gift for relatives with kids?

When it comes to wrapping paper and holiday cards, look for those made from 100% recyclable paper. Or how about skipping wrapping paper altogether and use materials around the house--magazines, atlas paper, paper bags that have been decorated with markers and crayons by the kids, left over fabrics, etc. Reusable shopping bags can also make a perfect holiday gift bag! And you can always opt to email holiday greetings-- No paper or stamps and a lot less time!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.