About Those New Year's Resolutions

Ah...I don't know about all of you, but for me I get funky when it comes to the old goal setting time of year. I actually get wishy washy more than funky, I guess. It always goes the same way...I get all motivated and excited and determined that this will be the best year ever! I have goals literally racing around my head. The delicious feelings of motivation and determination are busting out all over the place. And then...I swing the other way. Maybe I'm just weird. Sigh. But inevitably, the second thoughts, the kind of "ack...I'm so overwhelmed, can't figure out what to do first" feelings start to move in, kicking those cute motivated thoughts aside, and there I am. Not focused enough to write down my goals, and wondering why I ever thought (however fleeting it was) that I could actually make such grand changes this year.
Maybe I am afraid of setting goals, in my head or on paper. Maybe the thought of failing keeps me from making a move. Hmmm...or maybe it's just that I hate the idea of being tied or obligated to structure--even one that I set for myself. But I sit here wondering what stops me from writing down goals and believing in myself enough to accomplish them. Maybe just writing this post will be a catharsis of sorts and will help me recapture those excited determined feelings again, and actually try putting a goal or two on paper.

But as I sit here pondering, typing and watching my two year old destroy yet another Christmas Tree ornament (note to self--take down Christmas Tree asap--poor thing has endured enough torture) I am feeling that writing goals may be a tad over rated. It does add an element of stress and pressure I certainly don't want in my life. And doesn't it kind of set the way for failing if you do not achieve everything on your list? My life is too unpredictable for me to have a "list" of goals and deadlines to meet. And I kind of feel like "..the best laid plans..." saying holds true. For me. Not necessarily for anyone else of course.

I think I will strive to hold close to my heart the hope I have for all things good this year for my family, the hope for all around me (here in my blogospehere world and in my everyday life) to experience a wonderful happy healthy New Year, and to look forward to making each day one to be thankful for. I won't worry about accomplishing a certain number of posts a week, or getting my two year old potty trained by a certain date, or a gorgeous garden growing in my dog and kid infested back yard,or losing a planned amount of weight (who..me? need to lose weight? nah..just saying IF I needed to...but I don't, so...moving on...) or even about cleaning my house more this year. I am going to be more thankful, more accepting and more well...just happy... this year for what I do have, and go from there. I will have those generalish ideas in my head of things I would love to accomplish this year, but I am going to keep those ideas visualized in my thoughts, while I accept, or try to, what each day brings.

Whew. Sorry about the long post. But you know what? It was sort of cathartic. So there's my goals. And I even got them on paper! Sort of. Now, I am off to rescue that poor unsuspecting Christmas ornament.

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Very Happy New Year.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.