Jetta and the Jellybeans CD Review and Giveaway

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I really wanted to do this review much sooner than this, but with the holidays... you know how it goes, right?

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the "Fabulous" Ms. Jetta and the Jellybeans!! Jetta and the Jellybeans have entertained kids with their educational songs for over a decade. Their music is silly, fun, educational and just...happy. Seriously. I think the best word to describe Jetta and the Jellybean's music is Happy! Mix in styles like pop, rock and even blues with great sing along lyrics, and you get music that kids are going to love. And for the record, I will admit I now go around the house doing things like washing dishes and picking up stray legos while humming Jetta and the Jellybean songs. I'm telling you there are catchy tunes on this cd, and fantastic messages for kids in every one of them.

We received a copy of Jetta and the Jellybeans new cd, "tell me what you want to be" just before Christmas. As soon as my four year old saw the cover, he wanted to hear it. Me too. It is a cute picture. And when you open the cd cover, there are even cuter pictures to look at.

The first song came on and I can honestly say that myself, my two year old and four year old just started dancing away. The song, "When you're all grown up, tell me what you want to be" is my favorite. Hands down. I loved it from the first beat, and there is no way you (, not just your kids!)will not be able to dance when you hear it. Kid you not. We were laughing, dancing and jumping around like crazy. But I especially loved the message on the song which is kids can be anything they want to be. Awesome. The fun thing this song and the others on the cd is that the lyrics are easy to hear and sing along with. And of course we all did!
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Every single song on the entire CD my kids and I enjoyed. My four year old especially fell in love with the song, "Skat Cat". It is like a rendition of a classic Blues type song--and brings out the "cool cat" in my little man, hehe. Just look at his cool moves, LOL.Photobucket

There are a total of 12 songs on Jetta and The Jellybeans CD. All of them are fun and teach things like how to wash your hands and how to take care of a pet. There are songs about gravity, outer space, and taking medicine. If you want your kids to burn up some energy, the songs "March Your Feet" and "Wiggle" will do just that. Guaranteed.

We play Jetta and The Jellybeans just about everyday now. I can put it on and instantly stop a raging battle over a toy, quiet a temper tantrum and cheer up bored little boys that have been inside too much this chilly winter we are having. Pretty impressive.

Now for the best part. Jetta and The Jellybeans have offered to give one lucky family a SIGNED copy of their "Tell Me What You Want To Be" cd. PhotobucketI am telling you, it is a great collection of songs and your little ones will love it, especially with a signed message from Ms. Jetta herself inside!

To enter the giveaway,

Visit Jetta and The read about the band, and then listen to their songs (you get a taste for how fun and educational their music is!) on their website
Come back and leave me a message telling me which song is your favorite. (remember, you only get to hear part of each song...but you're going to love them!)

That's it! You're entered.

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