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I am in love with this Onesie! I kid you not--when I first saw this (I mean, come on--look at the matching knit beanie...OMG!) Photobucket my ovaries hurt. Truly. I would not kid. This rarely happens anymore, but every once in a while something so darn cute will catch my attention, and well, you know--that brief second (or two or three) will hit where I am thinking.."oh, how cute....maybe...wouldn't it..." but then my two year punches my 4 year old and I am over it.
But look at that onesie. Is it not tugging at your innards?? LOL. Well this adorable baby item is just one of many at the fantastic boogs baby booteek, which just officially launched on December 1st. I love mom-owned businesses ( surprised? nah, didn't think you would be, hehe) and guess what? A mom of FIVE, Kerri McCleary, is the proud owner of this adorable online store. And she also has a two year old like me-- whom she lovingly mentions could be a sort of "bully" (her words, not mine!) -- not that I would know anything about having a two year old bully. Just saying.

Anyhoo, I spent a good part of my morning checking out the cute stuff at boogs--- and telling my ovaries to shush up! There are leg warmers by Baby Legs that maybe I can get my two year old to wear since he is adamant these days about wearing minimal clothing or better still-- going au naturale! Why do little ones like to do that so much? And get to still look cute and adorable??

I digress. I also love all the girly outfits (again that tug...) but since my "Little Princess" is now 11 going on 17, sweet pink outfits will do us no good. Sigh. But since Keri features the latest fashions by designers such as Sourpuss Clothing, BabyLegs, shrnk, Mini Shatsu, City Threads and Neptune Zoo, I promise you girl or boy you are going to love the clothes you see.

So...guess what is coming? Time's up. A Giveaway of course! An adorable pair of those Baby Legs leg warmers Photobucket--- winner gets to pick which pair of course! And there is a very cute selection of several different styles for boys and girls.Photobucket The giveaway is for one pair, not a gift set , please take note.

To enter-- go to boogs baby booteek and immerse yourself in all the wonderful kid and baby (and mommy!) stuff you'll find. Hold on to your ovaries tightly, unless you are in the baby making mode, hehe, and then come on back here to Happy Healthy Families and share what item you loved the most! Also tell me which pair of Baby Legs you like too!

If you'd like a second entry-- post about this giveaway on your blog, and let me know about it with another comment!

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That's it! Winner will be randomly chosen December 12th. So get your enties in by December 11th, midnight.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.