Christmas Ideas For The Weekend

It is the first weekend in December, Yay! But I bet I know what everyone will be doing, and no, I am not going to say blogging, heh! Raise your hand if you will be doing one of the following:

Decorating the house with mistletoe and cute snowman

Untangling strands upon strands of Christmas lights (please, if you are the organized type of person who has properly stored all Christmas decorations and lights, and just needs to lift them out of their boxes and they are all ready to go, keep this to yourself. This blog will not tolerate bragging. Period. Not--go ahead, brag away, LOL)


Baking yummy Christmas cookies, cakes, and assorted holiday treats (can you drop some by my house...please??)


Writing and Adressing Christmas cards, in between untangling, baking and decorating.


Buying a Christmas Tree

Chasing your cat away from the Christmas Tree

Chasing your (insert age here that applies)_______ year old away from the Christmas Tree

Drinking eggnog and relishing the holiday season while watching your favorite Christmas movies

Drinking wine or _______ (insert drink of choice here) and wondering how you will make it through to New Year's while ignoring the cat climbing the Christmas tree, your toddler making confetti out of your holiday cards, the tangled lights adorning your floor, and the forlorn wallet now depleted of it's earlier contents (you know--that green stuff you worked so hard for all year that barely lasted an hour at the mall?)

OK--put your hands down, hehe. See--told ya I knew what you'd be doing!

But in case you do not see anything on the list hat applies to you, and you are indeed looking for some holiday inspired activities for this, the first weekend in December, I have collected a couple of ideas you can check out right here. Merry Merry everyone!!

Make a Christmas Wall Decoration Inspired By Santa!

Scrabble a Simple Christmas Decoration

Check out the recipe for Maple Cheesecake...your whole house will smell delicious! Bake an extra for a neighbor!

Create a Christmas Cookie and Send It To a Friend! (this is fun)

Make Some Homemade Christmas Presents With The Kids

Create a Family Recipe Book for an Inexpensive Holiday Gift

Gather the Family and Make Gingerbread Friends Garlands (don't forget to make some extras to eat too!)

Bake a Batch Of Holiday Spice Cookies and Create a Cute Holiday Gift as Well!

Use Buttons to Make a Festive Holiday Wreath!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.