Feb 21, 2009

Any Mommy Products Make it Into The Oscars Swag Bags?

I am getting so geared up for the Academy Awards tomorrow night, and all the media attention centering this weekend on the star-studded event has got me wondering-- any mommy entrepreneurs out there with a product/goody in the Oscar's Swag Bags?

I cannot imagine any better publicity than having one of your treasured items in the hands of celebrities! well, except maybe Oprah.

I read today that Michelle Pratt-Lienhart, an entrepreneur and founder of "Just Be" - a line of apparel and accessories that focuses on allowing allow people to express how they feel or how they would like to feel, is going to have her T-Shirts in those Celebrity Swag Bags! How awesome is that??

So now I'm curious. Anyone else?


Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! How lucky she is!

Anonymous said...

Ive heard all about it. A boutique bikini line is going to be included in the bags as well. Its called Katorey Swim and Their really cute. You can find them at www.katoreyswim.com

Anonymous said...

WorldCharms.com participated in the Haven House event too. They gave away eco-sustainable, handcrafted fashion accessories like minaudieres made of pandan and palm leaf as well as silver evening bag made from palm leaf wrapped around hemp fiber with mother of pearl flap and wooden bangles overlaid with coconut shells or banana bark, pandan or pig skin. Also on display were fruit bowls made from onion skin, handwoven Yakan coasters and resin votives.