Electrolux Virtual Cupcakes Giveaway!!

Photobucket What is better than a yummy cupcake?

A cupcake that has zero calories!!!

And even better is a zero-calorie cupcake that comes with a chance to win a new Red Hot Red Washer and Dryer from Electrolux!


But the very best thing about these cupcakes are that they can help fight ovarian cancer!

So how do you get one of these cupcakes????

Easy. Go to Kelly Confidential.com!

"When you send a virtual cupcake to a friend or loved one,
Electrolux will donate a $1 to help fight ovarian cancer.

You choose the flavor, decorate it, and add a personal message. Then email it to anyone who deserves a little treat, or save it to your desktop to brighten your day.

Log on each day and send a virtual cupcake and you are automatically entered for a chance to win a new Red Hot Red Washer and Dryer from Electrolux."

Kelly Ripa ( I love watching this woman. I think I want to be that woman!) and Electrolux have teamed up to raise more than $500,000 to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

This is such an important health issue for women. Please join in the fight by sending some one you love a virtual cupcake, or two , or three. Send a cupcake to someone you don't love or even like, teehee--after all, the more virtual cupcakes being shared in the blogosphere means more money being donated to fight Ovarian Cancer!

And there is one more way you can help. You can buy a limited edition T-Shirt designed by Kelly Ripa to help support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF). You can proudly wear your 'heart on your sleeve' as you help fight this deadly disease.

So head on over to Kelly Confidential. Make a cupcake. Send a cupcake. Be automatically entered in the Red Hot Red Washer and Dryer Give Away From Electrolux. And help fight Ovarian Cancer. Everyday. (Sweepstakes period: 2/10/09 through 2/28/09. For Official Rules which govern sweepstakes and how to enter without game play go to OFFICIAL RULES.)

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.