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My two little boys love to watch Word World, and I am delighted that they do. My 4 year old will be starting Kindergarten very soon--so I am especially happy that he watches this very fun and educational (shh..) show.

PhotobucketWord World, in case you have not watched it, is a PBS kids show best described as a place "where words come alive." There are are adorable characters such as Dog and Pig, who literally are made of words. The show gets my kids actively involved finding words, guessing words and recognizing letters. It is simply awesome and I don't mind my kids watching it as much as they like.

The second season of Word World is starting Feb. 13th with a Valentine's Special, and I am probably as excited as my boys to watch it.Photobucket We recently received the "Welcome To Word World" DVD, in the mail, and as soon as my boys saw the package, they jumped and down. So of course we settled down to watch it right away!

My 4 year old chose the "Mystery of the Disappearing Pie" as his favorite (gotta love Pig!), and I agree with his choice (I always have loved a good mystey! LOL). But my sweet 2 year old just loves "Bug"--and the episode featuring a sleepless Bug in need of a good snuggle, my two year old was glued to the screen (not literally, of course!).

But best of all once again was the opportunity the Word World DVD gave both my boys to shout out letters and words, laugh, giggle and not even realize they were actually learning as they had fun!

The benefits for preschoolers that watch Word World is actually astounding, and documented! Take a look at the latest findings by the Department of Education--

"New York, NY (December 11, 2008) - A U.S. Department of Education funded study found that WordWorld, an Emmy® winning PBS KIDS series, significantly strengthens early literacy skills in preschoolers, providing the building blocks essential for learning how to read. The study is part of the Ready To Learn Initiative that examines the effectiveness of various technologies being used to enhance the literacy skills of young children. The initial findings conclude that regular exposure to WordWorld resulted in children experiencing significant increases in oral vocabulary, reading and recognition of words featured in the show. WordWorld brings words to life through a patent-pending methodology that embeds words into the objects they represent, crystallizing the connection between letters, sounds and words."

And key findings from th e study showed that:

Children doubled their oral vocabulary skills of words featured in WordWorld,


Children tripled their ability to read specific words featured and built in WordWorld.

This is so impressive to me, as a parent, and reassures me that there are supportive resources, such as Word World to help develop my children's reading skills and future school success.

Take a look for yourself at this incredible learning tool, and enjoy watching WordWorld with your kids!

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