Life Is Grand!!

Yay! I have been given an award this wonderful Monday morning! Harriet from This is Harriet has passed on the "Life is Grand" Award. And what a cool award this is- a requirement is to list 5 reasons why you find life to be "grand" at this moment. Ah. How did Harriet know this is just what I need this morning to kick the old derierre (sp?) into gear?

So here we go...

1. It is a beautiful Monday morning here--sunny, no rain, no wind
2. My kids are still asleep! (except my daughter who has gone to school)
3. I have a nice hot strong cup of coffee beside me
4. I will soon be bestowed with many "Good Morning" kisses and hugs from two sleepy little boys!
5. I do not have to get dressed, or put on make-up, or even brush my hair in order to get those kisses and hugs!

And I am now passing this "Life is Wonderful" award on to 5 wonderful bloggy friends...

1. Julie D at Mom Two Ways
2. Crystal at Crystal Said What?
3. Donna at Donna's World
4. Piera at Jolly Mom
5. Jem at Feelings Just Are

I love this award so much though that I want to open it up to anyone who would love to blog about why Life Is So Grand This Monday morning--so grab yourself an award and join in if you are feeling "Grand" this morning!!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.