Not Me! Monday

I have been missing out on the Not Me Monday I am jumping back in this Monday! This is one meme that is so fun--I am going through some serious withdrawals, ack!

So here is my list of the things I DID NOT DO this past week:

I did not get mad at my husband for some silly reason and not speak to him for a whole day. (How "high-school"ish would that be??)

I so did not drink too much Friday night with the afore mentioned husband and laugh and dance all night in our family room. Sheesh.

It was not me that chased her wayward dogs down the street like a mad woman (while dressed in pajamas) waving her arms and shrieking at those dogs who simply continued to run faster ! (My word--what a silly woman that was, btw. Such a ruckus she caused over some dogs, hrumph!)

I did not do a 'happy dance' while watching "The Bachelor" when he sent a particular woman packing. (Tsk. How immature. And The Bachelor?....NEVER! And I am so not watching it tonight, either-btw!)

I certainly did not sit in my daughter's room one day while she was at school and moon (I mean look) at all her 'teen' magazines! (where do these rumors come from??)

And of course I would never ever never sit up by myself one night after everyone was asleep and watch tv and snack on junk food all by myself! (Must have been a dream....really..)

If you do not want to have fun, then do not head on over to Mckmama's, and join in the Not Me! Monday Carnival! I am so not warning you--it is not too addicting and oh so not very fun!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.