The "Most Wanted" Mom Ever??

Any guesses who this mom is?

Yes--we all probably got this right--it is the mom who recently gave birth to eight babies. Apparently she has hired a publicist to handle all the offers she is receiving for Interviews, TV series, and Book Deals, and the media is dubbing her the "most wanted" mom ever. Everyone wants to talk about her, talk to her, and write about her and the babies as well. At least that is what it seems right now.

This mom is definitely going to be making some money from giving birth to eight babies. And I am sure she will be needing every cent she can get. I only hope this woman is truly a good mom and has her children and new babies' best interests at heart. It is so hard to know what to think about this story. I do not want to judge, or leap to conclusions, kwim? But so many thoughts go through my head, and I admit they are not all good thoughts.

I've also been hearing that many doctors are outraged that eight embryos were implanted in this woman. The word "malpractice" is being uttered. So who knows...Now maybe this mom will be filing a malpractice lawsuit too?

But what about those babies? I am getting this icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. I pray these new little eight babies get all the love and attention from their mom they need and deserve. Such hoopla is going on everyday about this mom and her this scrutiny deserving? I don't know. But it seems we will be hearing much more about this "most wanted" mom's story in the days and weeks to come--that is for sure.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.