Skin MD Natural Lotion

I was delighted to receive a bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion with SPF 15 Sunscreen to review about a week ago. I say delighted because honestly I have such dry skin that I am always searching for lotion in my bathroom cabinets and drawers. I literally go through creams and lotions as fast as I can buy them because my skin seems to just soak them up instantly. Problem is that my skin still will be dry, itchy and feel 'tight'. And so I put on extra amounts of lotions trying to make my skin feel better--and I always have near empty bottles and tubes of lotion in my bathroom, and dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin.

So yes--delighted is exactly how I felt when my sample of Skin Care MD Natural Shielding Lotion arrived! I stopped everything I was doing and put some on. I was so excited, I started applying the lotion before I even read the directions. I realized later that you really only need a small amount of Skin Care--it really goes a long way. But at first, I slathered...yes slathered...the lotion on me. Arms, hands, legs, and of course, my face!

And it felt wonderful. I am not kidding when I say that my skin immediately felt softer and smoother. Now I know you will be smirking out there in blogosphere-land, saying "of course it felt good--you slathered so much on!" LOL. True enough. But there was a difference. The smoothness of my skin was something that I do not usually notice with other skin care lotions. And that got me excited.

I am not a spring chicken (!) by any means...and my skin is definitely ( and to my dismay, might I add), showing all the lovely signs of aging. All those silly little wrinkles that start forming around your mouth, and between the eyebrows-- are taking up permanent residence on my face. So aside from my skin feeling tight and dry, it certainly is not looking so great either.

So after about an hour, I checked in the mirror again. And I was so happy when I saw my face-- now of course I didn't look like I had lost a few years, but I definitely saw brighter smoother skin. I was so pleased that I actually put on make-up! Now I am pretty much always home with my kids and make-up is not a priority for me these days. So for me to get the urge to put on make-up means a lot--just ask my poor hubby.

So for a little more than a week now I have been using my Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion every morning and night. And I love it. My skin loves it. It is definitely different than other lotions I have tried, and after reading about it, I understand why. Skin MD is a shielding lotion which means that it forms a protective shield with the outer layer of skin which helps keep out irritants and chemicals. They also allow the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better. Regular moisturizers do add moisture onto the skin. but they do not repair the barrier so it's an endless cycle of constant moisture application onto the skin without healing and curing the dry skin. Which explains why I was always slathering on lotion but still ending up with dry skin! And I love the fact that it is a natural skin care product Skin MD Natural uses no animal products or testing, is Fragrance and colorant free , is Dermatology tested, and is Hypoallergenic and Paraben free.
I can honestly say I love and recommend Skin MD Natural. If you would like to read more about it, check out the website--there is also a store locator which can help you find a store near you where you can buy some for yourself, and you can always order online. You will love it--just remember--no need to slather, hehe!!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.