Beautiful Lullaby CD -- "Under The Stars"

Being that I am half Irish I especially love St. Patrick's Day. Growing up my mom, who was born in Dublin, Ireland and later met and married my dad who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, always made sure this was a family celebration day for all six of us--no matter if some of my siblings were grown and on their own--St. Paddy's Day always found us back together again.

So I am especially happy to have the perfect giveaway for St. Patrick's Day - an incredibly beautiful collection of Ten lullaby songs by an Irish based band, SUNFLOW. Before I share with you my thoughts on this amazing CD (gave you a hint, uh?), I wanted to tell you a bit about the two singers from SunFlow--

Fran King, a native of Dublin, Ireland, and Nancy Falkow who was born in Philadelphia but is now living in Dublin, are both parents as well as accomplished and acclaimed artists. Their album, "Under The Stars", was inspired by the talents of Harry Nilsson and Carole King and James Taylor (one of my all time favorites!). And I have to tell you that though this CD was intended as a Lullaby album to soothe little ones to sleep, King and Falkow have created in my opinion a breathtakingly beautiful collection of songs that so eloquently express our emotions as parents. They have captured and put to music how we all feel about the miracles that are our children.

Their CD is simply one beautiful soothing lullaby after the next. Listening to the songs relaxed me as much as or probably even more than my two munchkin boys. I totally fell in love with the lyrics and the melodies of all ten songs. There is really just one word needed to describe the music, and the incredible voices of Fran King and Nancy Falkow--Beautiful. So beautiful that I listen it to myself sometimes so that I can completely fall under the spell of the songs without my little ones interrupting!

"Under The Stars" would make an awesome present for a baby shower-- a new mommy would absolutely love rocking her baby to sleep with this music. My 2 and 4 year old boys are a bit tough to get settled down, but honestly, when I play this CD, they actually start to wind down. My two year old now picks up a book and comes to cuddle with me when he hears the songs-- pretty amazing considering how rambunctious this little guy can be!

My only complaint about this collection of songs is that listening to them makes my ovaries hurt!

And we are done with the babies--no more both hubby and I have agreed--but sheesh, those darn twinges do act up when I sit listening to the beautiful lullabies.

Anyhow, moving past my achy ovaries, SUNFLOW has graciously agreed to give a copy of "Under The Stars" to one of Happy Healthy Families Readers. And this is one collection of songs you will absolutely love to have in your collection, believe me!

To ENTER--Please go fall in love with the songs at the SUNFLOW SITE. Come back and tell me your favorite (mine, though so hard to pick just one, would be 'Eve's Lullaby').

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