Mar 10, 2009

I Love Me Some Dancing!

Did anyone watch Dancing With The Stars last night? I loved that Melissa Rycroft is on! Woohoo. And I cracked up when Bruno called the Bachelor yutz, Jason, "LOSER!" Hehe. Loser sign and all from Bruno (love you Bruno).

So I am thinking that the other celebrity contestants must feel a little intimidated having Melissa competing. She even got a standing "O" last night from the audience. And that girl can dance.

I also loved Shawn Johnson. She seems like such a sweetheart, and man she waltzed with serious style last night.

Looks like a fun season. I just kept wondering what Jason was thinking (if he watched, along with Molly, blech). Probably wants Melissa back. You know, the boy's got to follow his heart. Even if it changes it's mind every week or so.


AmberW said...

I did NOT know that Melissa was on the show!
Now I will definitely be watching! Can't wait :)
And I agree - Jason made a big mistake!

Anonymous said...

I loved it and I thought she did a wonderful job! Take that, Jason!

Irene said...


Isn't that too cool?! Like Len said last night, the Bachelor's loss is Dancing With The Star's gain!

Irene said...


I was so happy for her watching her dance and get so much love from the audience. I bet this is really eating at that fool Jason. LOL!!