My Natural Plush Toys

My boys are loving mommy's "work" right now. Why, you ask? Because the other day that nice UPS man brought a package to our door that had my little guys smiling from ear to ear.

Inside that box were two of the cutest softest plush toys that were just calling to my munchkin boys to grab and cuddle! Which of course they did, immediately. They were sent to us by Hosung, the makers of "My Natural" plush toy line, and the miYim Organic toys, a Brooklyn-based company that created the adorable and colorful plush characters using environmentally-friendly non-toxic materials and processes.

We received the adorable yellow puppy (from the Natural Toy Line), and the equally cute frog (from the miYim Organics Line) you see in the picture. The "doggy" was instantly adopted by my four year old who happens to be my biggest stuffed animal lover of all (even beating out his sister, when she was small). My two year old was delighted with "froggy", who was given lots of sticky kisses right away.

These plush toys are simply awesome to hold. They are so soft it's incredible. And that is because this line of plush toys are made from 100% all-natural cotton. They are all certified non-toxic, made with all-natural materials and dyes. The colors on the toys come from unbleached cotton treated by Pure Water Wash and hand dyed in soy water. I love this. No worrying about bad stuff going in my little guys mouths (yea, they will still kiss, and lovingly nibble, hehe, on cuddly bedtime pals!).

Both My Natural Plush Toys and miYim Organics are available at Target.

thanks to Role Mommy for the opportunity to review My Natural and miYim Organics.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.