"Still A Family-- A Guide To Good Parenting After Divorce"

I was recently given the opportunity to review the book, "Still A Family-- A Guide To Good Parenting After Divorce" by Dr. Lisa Rene Reynolds.

While I am not planning to divorce (which came as a relief to my hubbs, whose face turned pale when he saw this book in our mail!), I wanted to check out this book so as to be able to offer it as a resource for anyone in this situation.

I found the book easy to read, if that makes sense. The subject of divorce is not easy, as we all know, but somehow Dr. Reynolds finds a way to give genuine, heartfelt and extremely valuable advice that I am found helpful just in general. Not every fight will lead to divorce, Thank Goodness, but can cause emotional damage o our kids. And I can raise my hand and say my hubby and I have not successfully kept our "disagreements" out of reach of little ears from time to time. So I really did find reading this book helpful for our family even though divorce is not in our plans.

But for anyone dealing with a divorce, considering one, or even done with the paperwork on one, this book, in my opinion, would be so helpful. As parents, our number one concern is our kids, and often we may not know the right words or actions to use in difficult times. An easy to read, caring guide such as "Still a Family" can make a difference in how children deal and react to a divorce in their family.

Dr. Lisa Rene Reynolds is a therapist specializing in marriage counseling and therapy with families going through divorce. She has a master's degree and PH.D. degrees in marital and family therapy. She also teaches a state-mandated class in Connecticut for parents going through divorce. I appreciated so much her warmth and concern that you feel in her book--no pointing fingers, guilt trips, or negativity.

I doubt that there is a question or concern regarding divorce that is not covered in this book. From topics like how to avoid fighting nasty with your soon to be ex--name calling and such-- to how to practical advice on structuring parenting time, I was really impressed with how much is covered in the book. Dealing with children's behaviors, finding the best words to use with your kids, and even tips for parents on how to take care of themselves as well.

There is no denying that divorce is painful for everyone involved. But the children especially can suffer long lasting effects from a divorce that is handled poorly. Parents can absolutely find help reading and following advice Dr. Reynolds gives in her book. And hopefully will in turn help their children live happy, healthy and successful lives.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.