What Would You Do?

Happy St. Paddy's Day!! May we all feel some 'luck 'o the Irish ' today!!

I was reading this article --originated in "Star Magazine" so definitely needs to be taken w/ a grain of salt as they say-- but I giggled and in all actuality wouldn't mind if this were true (my bad. head hung....but I am just not a big Angelina/ Brad fan...LOL)

Short version: Angelina Jolie supposedly walked past the twins bedroom--Knox and Vivienne-- and happened to catch Brad on the bed giving the nanny a back massage. Yep. Tell me you are not giggling.....come on!

Story goes Angie had a few choice words to spew at the two, (as any woman would of course), Nanny cried, Brad consoled Nanny, Angie slapped Brad and threw Nanny out,Brad took off on his motorcycle. End of story.

Aw. A day that is not perfect for Ms. Angelina, aw. (I know--my bad. Bad snarky me. Head hung, still.)

But whether this is true or not, although coming from a reputable source such as "Star", I don't know why it would be doubted, hehe, it made me think of a very basic question--

"Would I ever hire a young, attractive nanny (if I had the money of course to hire anyone, ever)

And right away I knew my answer would be ""H**** NO!"

So that in turn made me ponder if I simply do not trust my husband, is it just me...would most women feel trust enough in their relationship to have an attractive nanny
take care of their kids?"

But no matter the level of trust, isn't it simply playing with fire to have some pretty young thing in your home day after day??

What would you do? Would you ever hire a pretty nanny, or have you?

I don't care if it makes me look bad, or insecure, or doubting of my husband's loyalty--- Give me Mrs. Doubtfire , thank-you very much!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.