Review and Giveaway--Cart Stopper

The Cart Stopper is one of those ideas that truly makes you wonder "Why I didn't think of that??"

I do the shopping 9/10 in our home, and almost always have my 4 year old and 2 year old with me. I do not know the number of times I have arrived back at my car, grocery cart with groceries, a squirming two year old demanding to be taken out IMMEDIATELY, a precocious 4 year old who refuses to hold my hand in the parking lot and a car parked so close to mine that I am afraid of hitting it with my cart, an open door, or a mischievous little boy who "innocently" smacks it with a dinosaur. I become somewhat of a contortionist many times ....holding on to the cart with a foot, stretching one arm to open the door, carefully, for my 4 year old, and keeping one arm on my two year old who otherwise will be trying to climb out of the cart.

The Cart Stopper has been one of those simple ideas that has made unloading kids and groceries into my car while not letting the cart roll away stress free and relaxed.

A mom of two invented this incredible device after the worst parking lot nightmare for parents happened to her-- the shopping cart in which her little boy was sitting did actually get away from her--takes just a second-- and rolled away with her son, finally stopping when it hit a car!

What is the Cart Stopper? It is a device that has a suction cup on one end, which easily attaches to your car, while the other end of the device is hooked securely to the shopping cart. There is a "bungee" sort of cord which allows for some slack, but the cart stays secure and you have both hands free. Simple but ingenious in my book.

I could not wait to try the Cart Stopper out after it arrived, and went shopping asap (much to my hubby's 'delight', hehe). The cart stopper fit easily into my purse, which is a good thing since I normally do not carry a diaper bag anymore. Then, when it came time to try it out, I found it to be quick and simple to do. I attached the suction cup, secured the cart, and calmly dealt with my boys without worry of the cart getting away from me. No more hooking my feet on the cart to hold it more contortionist moves as I tried to open doors and such.

The Cart Stopper was recently awarded “America’s Best New Invention” by ORCA – and was a finalist in the ‘JPMA Innovation Award’ contest at the recent ABC Kids Expo in Vegas.

You can buy a Cart-Stopper from their website for $9.99 each.

And thanks to Cart Stoppers and Family Review Network, I am giving away one free cart stopper to a lucky reader!!

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