Woot! We're Number One!

Guess what the number one baby name for girls was in 2008? Guess....come on. Nope, not Emily...Emily has been dethroned. The reigning new queen of baby girl names is....."Emma." Now guess what my lovely daughter's name is? Guess....come on. Yes indeed-y, "Emma."

Now while I understand that many, if not most, moms might think this is not such a good thing (after all, who wants a 'common' name..), I am grinning anyway. I remember waaaay back when I was pregnant with my Emma (yea, that would be about 10 YIKES! years ago) almost NO ONE liked the name I had chosen. People would scrunch up their face, or reply with a timid, "oh...ah, that's nice...", or blatantly inform me that "Emma" was too old-fashioned, not a good choice, too boring of a name, blah, blah, blah.

Well now who's number one, and who is not???? I ask you. OK. Now I'm going to go gloat. and make a few phone calls.

Oh. Almost forgot in all my excitement. The rest of the top ten lists for boys and girl names (but we all know only number one really matters....((smirk)):

  1. Jacob
  2. Michael
  3. Ethan
  4. Joshua
  5. Daniel
  6. Alexander
  7. Anthony
  8. William
  9. Christopher
  10. Matthew
  1. Emma
  2. Isabel
  3. Emily
  4. Madison
  5. Ava
  6. Olivia
  7. Sophia
  8. Abigal
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Chloe

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.