Jun 23, 2009

Jon and Kate: So Not Necessary

Why are they dragging out their personal baggage in front of TV screens everywhere, and worse, why make their children part of it?

I would guess that Kate is determined to keep interest alive at all costs for the sake of the dollar, or rather, many many dollars, she is raking in from her reality TV show.

These eight children will have this stigma for the rest of their lives now. How sad. To live your lives publicly because mommy and daddy (though I do believe it is mostly Kate's desire here to be in the public eye)want to be rich and famous.

Shame on TLC, and shame on Jon and Kate. Mostly Kate. Can you tell I do not like this woman?


Frogs in my formula said...

And what is up with her hair?? Who would willingly do that??

Irene said...

ROFL!!!! Aw...but it is so hip ya know...and soooo expensive I bet!

adiaha said...

So over this whole debacle...
Nice site your SITS sister

Anonymous said...

i always wonder why people like you say horrible things about kate. you don't know her, what she does doesn't affect you in any way and you don't know the whole story anyway. i personally feel sorry that this couple are breaking up and i feel sorry for their children. keep in mind- jon signed a contract to do the show too, not just kate.

Irene said...

Hi Tami,

I don't think I said anything so "horrible"-- I did actually mention that both Jon and Kate wanted to do the show, but Jon has since asked to end it while Kate wants to continue. I do not like Kate, but that does not make me "one of those people" that always says horrible things. But I am sorry you feel that way. Bottom line, my opinion is that the children are and will continue to suffer from growing up this way, and I believe Jon and Kate (and yes, I still believe it is more so Kate, but I could be wrong, just my humble opinion) should end this show and raise their family privately.

admin said...

I have tried to watch this show a few times but it is hard to watch. Too much drama for me.

No matter what anyone says, Kate is a negative and controlling person. She also turned into a diva wannabee. Maybe it would have worked out if the world did not see Jon be the submissive one. Many couples live this same scenario without the cameras and stay together.

I programmed the DVR so I could just go ahead to the announcement. I did end up crying just because I hate to see any couple give up. I am a bit shocked that TLC is continuing the show. We do not need any more dysfunctional families on television, and definitely not on TLC. Learning Channel? Exactly what are we to learn from that?

Okay, sorry I went on a bit too long there.