Jun 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen-- Thirteen Things That Make Me Smile

Since I am feeling cranky and tired tonight, I thought it would be therapeutic, hehe, to think of things that make me smile! So here goes:

1. My kids faces in the morning.
2. My munchkin boys hugging each other. (So much better than when they are fighting!)
3. My daughter's smile.
4. Money I forgot I had and found in a pocket or such.
5. A new book on my table, waiting to be read in bed.
6. A clean house (for however brief)
7. My husband playing with our kids.
8. Getting a new comment on a post (*wink*wink)
9. Starbucks coffee on a Saturday morning.
10. My two year old wanting me to hold his hand when we are walking
11. My 5 year old telling me he loves me. (Much better than when he tells me what a mean mom I am!)
12. My 12 year old telling me she loves me every night before she goes to bed.
13. My kids sleeping peaceful faces. (awesome!)

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