What I learned Being A Mom To Boys

I just read an hysterical (yet sadly so true!) article on 25 Things I learned being a mommy to boys. If you are a mommy with boys--this is such a must read! And even if you are not --read it anyway for a chuckle, or 3 or 4!

I must conjure up my own list of things I've picked up mothering my munchkin boys, and add to her list!

I have learned from my little men that--

furniture serves no other purpose than for parachuting off, preferably with dirty muddy shoes on feet.

And bugs are lovely things to hold (literally) and cherish (till they are accidentally squished in those caring grubby hands) and keep as pets (until the afore mentioned squishing occurs.)

And cleaning is something that men (even little ones) are born allergic to. Somehow women (like mommies) do not have this allergy.

And dirt is a magical thing that follows boys around. Dirt loves boys. Dirt clings to boys. Moms cannot break up this relationship. It is pointless to try.

So go read this mom's list and have fun laughing!

There are so many other things I have learned being a mom to boys...but I'll just say one more.

Those dirty grungy little arms can give some of the best hugs ever.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.