Jul 17, 2009

Aloha Friday!

Friday is here...and time for a Aloha Friday question...so without further ado, here is my question this week:

If You Were Blowing Out Candles On Your Birthday Cake Today, What Three Wishes Would You Be Making?

Me....and yea, today is my birthday, LOL...thus the question. And I am so not telling you my age!! But back to the question at hand:

1. To celebrate my birthday next year with my kids again

2. Financial relief (for us all...but mainly me, since it's my B-Day, you know! )

3. Health and Safety for my kids. Always.

Now if I had extra wishes...hmmm.....maybe a birthday visit from Johnny Depp, a shopping spree paid for by some rich anonymous donor, a new car (any model...I'm not picky!), getting to go to BlogHer, and oh yea, a younger face and body without surgery. Hehe. Did I ever mention that I can be materialistic??

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Angela @ Nine More Months said...

1. For the cake to be made out of something that doesn't make you gain weight.

2. Healthy and happy family.

3. For many more birthdays.

My Aloha Friday :)

I am Harriet said...

A shopping spree with Irene :)
Time off from everything
and....a really nice trip with my kids


Susan Cook said...

1. More money
2. Happy & healthy family
3. Bigger house.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you!
now to answer your question:

1. good health for me, hubby and the kids
2. financial stability
3. more time in service of the church or charity

Erin said...

If today was my birthday and I had to make three wishes today.. it would be...
1. health and happiness for my family
2. That my husband makes Chief in the Navy
3. That we get awesome orders and dont get shipped to freaking Virginia next year.

I could come up with a list of a million things!
LOVE your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

Debra said...


1. Cure for cancer (lost my mom)
2. Healthy family and self
3. A fun one - amazing vacation of a lifetime with no money constraints

Amy said...

For a long happy life! :)

Becca said...

I would wish to get married. I would wish to grow old (healthily). I would wish for peace between Israelis and Arabs.

Design It Chic said...

1. integrate in this stupid German system eventually
2. I'm with you on the financial relief
3. get healthier

Happy Aloha!

Anonymous said...

1. I'd wish for a house - preferably one that was paid off since I'm wishing. :)

2. A new car would also be nice, especially with my husband's car being recently out of commission.

3. Health and happiness?

Anne said...

I would wish for happy and healthy family, relief from money worries and a little time to myself (although a shopping spree sounds really nice too).

Megan said...

1. Unlimited supply of money
2. To be able to travel to my hearts content.
3. To have children.