Aloha Friday!

Friday is here...and time for a Aloha Friday without further ado, here is my question this week:

If You Were Blowing Out Candles On Your Birthday Cake Today, What Three Wishes Would You Be Making?

Me....and yea, today is my birthday, LOL...thus the question. And I am so not telling you my age!! But back to the question at hand:

1. To celebrate my birthday next year with my kids again

2. Financial relief (for us all...but mainly me, since it's my B-Day, you know! )

3. Health and Safety for my kids. Always.

Now if I had extra wishes...hmmm.....maybe a birthday visit from Johnny Depp, a shopping spree paid for by some rich anonymous donor, a new car (any model...I'm not picky!), getting to go to BlogHer, and oh yea, a younger face and body without surgery. Hehe. Did I ever mention that I can be materialistic??

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.