Jul 16, 2009

Older women and IVF

So today we hear that 69-year-old Maria del Carmen Bousada, the oldest woman in the world to give birth, has died.

Back in 2006, Maria made headlines when she delivered twin baby boys at age 66. Apparently Bousada went to a fertility clinic and lied about her age...saying she was 55...in order to qualify for the fertility treatments. The news of the twins' births started up the controversy about older women and fertility treatments.

Well today we hear that Maria has sadly passed away after battling cancer. Her twin boys are now 2 years old, and will apparently be raised by family members, specifically a nephew of Bousada's.

So are fertility clinics too irresponsible? I mean, even though Bousada lied about her age, still should clinics be providing fertility treatments to women that are in their 50's? Or is it not up to doctors tpo determine whena woman is too old to conceive?

What about Nadya Sukeman and the IVF treatments she received even though she had six childeren already?

It is a fine line, that is certain. I am not sure that I would want someone else deciding if I could or could not get pregnant. But at the same time, responsible choices need to be made by doctors as well as patients.

So how do we, or should we, draw the line?

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Anonymous said...

I believe the choice should be up to the woman. If the woman wants a child in middle age it's her business. If she doesn't that's also her business. Similar to a woman's right to choose. I lost a child in my 40's. I am now 50. I wanted my husband to do IVF with me at 45 and he refused. If something should happen to him and I am healthy I will pursue this on my own. No one will stop me. I'd do it now if he wasn't in my life. If I am in my late 50's or early 60's I will still pursue this. Not everyone has a storybook life where you marry Prince Charming and things fall into place. Yes it's nice to raise a family young but not everyone has that option. I will more than likely pursue this in Eastern Europe where doctor's don't interfere with a woman's right over her body. Soon enough though I believe this will become the norm with many single woman pursuing this in middle age and no one will blink an eye over it. Clinics in this country will have to comply with older women's choices or lose out to other countries. I wouldn't harshly judge any woman's choice to do this as I believe it should be up to the indiviual. Just my thoughts. A future "old lady mom to be."