General Hospital :Are You Watching?

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was selected by Mom Central to be one of their General Hospital Ambassadors! Yay! This past week was a pretty  exciting one for fans of everything Port Charles--and I am here to recap for all you GH gurus like me that may have missed some of the GH happenings this past week.

Here we go-

Jason and Sam continued in their efforts to protect Michael, but Michael proves to be an uncooperative participant in their plans.

Carly missed Jax, and Jax played games with Claudia, while knowing she still has feelings for him. But the seduction games came to a sudden end when, as always, they got into a heated battle over-who else-Sonny.

Carly looks through the proofs of Josselyn's christening, and is stunned when she sees Franco in one of the pictures. She rushes off to tell, who else-Jason!

Lucky hopes Elizabeth's baby is not his. Nicholas hopes the baby is his. Elizabeth has a paternity test to find who is the daddy. But Helena may "decide" for everyone when she sneaks into the lab.

Ethan tries to let Kristina down gently; Keifer is not so gentle with Kristina (again. sigh..)

An FBI agent visits Jason. She wants Sonny. And maybe Jason.

Dante wants his father, Sonny, in jail.

Sonny wants to tell Dante the truth about Michael killing Claudia. Will he??

Jason worries Sonny will.

Kristina and Spinelli meet up at Jakes. Relationships 101 in session.

Will you be watching next week? I will!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.