My Kindergartner is Growing Up Too Fast

I had an "oh oh" moment this morning as I was getting my 5 year old ready for Kindergarten, and it was not a warm fuzzy "oh oh."

I realized that as difficult, emotional, proud, nervous and oh-so sad as I was when my little guy started Kindergarten, it is going to be nothing now as we get ready for him to "graduate" from Kindergarten! I mean, I adapted, even became secure and comfortable with him going every morning from my arms to his "K" teacher's snug embrace. I proudly displayed his paintings, class work, and beamed when I got to enjoy a positive parent-teacher conference.

Oh and the changes I am seeing in my little man are coming so quickly since those first days of school. I am usually so busy with everyday life, that I don't sit and give much pause to how he is growing up and changing right before my watery mommy eyes (I am sure this is more a denial mechanism more than I am 'too busy'), but this morning, I was floored by the realizations and could no longer deny them.

Yes, it hit me. We are nearing the finish line of Kindergarten. Another chapter closing, and another milestone my baby has met, and another leap he will soon be taking as he enters the first grade. FIRST GRADE! All day school. Less 'mommy-needy' and more "I can do it myself!" times ahead. Less running to me after school ready to be hugged and kissed, even in front of the other kids. He will be sad to leave his "K" teacher, I am sure of it. But he will get over it much quicker than will I. I am sure of that too.

Bittersweet mommy moments. Do we ever get used to them? Packing the Sponge Bob backpack with snack and homework and wiping tears away. Motherhood is never going to get easier. Yet, nothing can ever compare to it either.

Yep. Sending my baby off to Kindergarten was tough. Leaving Kindergarten just may be worse. Oh my.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.