These Boys Are Feeling Hurt, and What is Pretty and Shiny and Going To Be My Next Giveaway??

First, I have to speak up on behalf of 'my boys.'  No, not my munchkin boys, not today anyway. But my "Human Nature" boys. Yes, their feelings are getting hurt. Why? Because they are wiling to sign a fantastic CD that you will love to sing along with and dance to like you were 17 again...and yet, when their giveaway is reminiscent of a ghost town. Come on now, go check out this awesome CD giveaway, and make these boys smile (they are so cute. Pity they are feeling unloved.)

So now that I have unabashedly promoted my giveaway, guess what? I have a shiny pretty wonderful little goody coming soon to giveaway!  This will be a perfect Mother's Day present for yourself or for you to give to a special mom in your life. You. Will. Love. It. 
  And...a great hardback book is coming too. This week, soon. Get will look so cute on your coffee table-- and will help you out with money and your kids and all that kind of good stuff. The pictures are awesome.

You can take a sneak peek here at this book! Giveaway will be up this week!

I am looking for a new mommy bag. Mine is looking tired and beat up. Kind of like me, now that I think about it. If you have any suggestions for me , I'd appreciate it. My new mommy bag needs to be big. Big enough for miscellaneous cars, diapers, sunscreen, toy motorcycles, half-eaten food, baby wipes, and the kitchen sink. Okay. I exaggerate. Not the sink. Just saying. My bag tends to over-flow with 'stuff' as you can see. Oh yea. I am done with black. I want a happy mommy bag this time. Something that says, "I am deliriously happy because I am listening to this great CD today by these gorgeous guys!" OK, sorry. I had to squeeze in one more shameless plug. I am done now. Pinky Promise.
Oh, and no pockets inside the bag. They  don't work for me. I prefer to just toss everything in and then fumble around when I need to pull something out. I hate pockets. They remind me that I should be organized.

I am going to post the winners for Jiffy Lube this afternoon. I like to make people suffer. No, not really. I am just behind with stuff, but I will get to this today. I promise.

See. Unorganized. That's me. The No-Pockets lady.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.