Winners Coming...Busy Saturday and Did You Read That NYTimes Article??

I will be posting winners soon (I promise!) for the Jiffy Lube giveaway (have you entered my Human Nature giveaway yet, btw??)...just need to get a park playdate in, and a shopping for new tennis shoes in for the munchkin boys today first.

It is the hubby's birthday today. I should do something about that too, I suppose. Will unabashedly accept suggestions. Seriously.

A busy Saturday here. I am greatful though. It has been a sad week following Layla Grace. (Have you read the amazing tribute to this beautiful little girl written by Cheryl? If you haven't yet, you should.) So I am remembering to hug my kiddos more often and tighter, to appreciate snails and moments in time with nature and my kids, to smile instead of pulling hair out when I hear them arguing over the last chocolate chip cookie, and to whisper Thanks many times during the day to God--whom I desperately hope understands that I even as I whisper my Thanks, I am also so sad, angry and basically pissed off with at right now too.

Last rambling thought here before I head out to the packed SUV....did you get a chance to read that New York Times article? If so, what do you think about it? And if not, you might want to read that too. Had some controversy among the blogosphere these last couple of days...check out Twitter and you'll see what I am talking about-

Ok...I am off and running.
Happy Saturday to all!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.